Benefits of Volunteering

What can volunteering at Colorado Lebanese Festival do for your career? 

Colorado Lebanese Festival is known locally for its strong corps of volunteers and abundance of volunteer opportunities. Many of our members who started as volunteers have progressed to major leadership and board positions.

Benefits include:

  • Make key contacts within the community & expand your professional network.
  • Take on a challenge to improve your leadership skills and learn new skills in a safe, welcoming environment.
  • Show your passion & commitment to helping the community. 
  • Impress hiring managers; they value volunteer experience.
  • Learn new management and coordination skills.
  • Polish skills you already have, such as leadership, speaking, writing and others.
  • Fill gaps in your resume.
  • Earn Volunteer Hours!
  • Have fun working with inspiring, exhilarating team members.

How much time is required?

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments, such as a few hours a week or month to long-term committee roles, such as Manager positions.

You will find many different opportunities available in each of our many departments. For example, volunteer roles for Colorado Lebanese Festival range from core team responsibilities that are a year-long commitment to shorter-term positions throughout the year and even “day of” positions that span only two to three hours on the event day.

Ready to help and gain experience along with Volunteers Hours?

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